New Seasons 2021

          New Seasons Market Promotes “8 Days of Kindness”

In November 2021’s pre-holiday season, the “8 Days of Kindness” fundraiser was sponsored by New Seasons Market (Mountain Park location) on behalf of Lake Oswego’s Meals on Wheels Program.  The fundraising campaign aimed to raise awareness of the need for food in the community during the holiday season and especially for the eight days leading up to Thanksgiving.  New Seasons Market provided an opportunity for shoppers to easily donate the cost of a meal OR any desired amount to the campaign as they checked out with their regular groceries.  New Seasons prepared all the in-store campaign materials, and cashiers handled the donations as shoppers paid for their holiday items.  In the past, Lake Oswego Meals on Wheels board members and volunteers had “manned” the doors and requested donations as people passed by.  The November ‘21 effort was streamlined with New Season taking on the entire campaign.  Thank you, New Seasons!   Also helping with the campaign was Meals on Wheels People (Portland) who made sure that all the posters and banners were delivered to the Market in time for the kickoff.  Happily, “8 Days of Kindness” was a big success with a total raised of $6,670.  Thank you again, New Seasons Market for supporting the Lake Oswego community.