COVID UPDATE: Our dining area is closed and we are currently offering Lunch2Go. These pre-arranged meals can be picked up at Christ Church between noon and 1 PM, Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Social distance and prevention guidelines are observed when participants drive through or walk up to the building to get their meal. For arrangements call 503-635-3758. Our meal deliveries and personal check-ins continue uninterrupted for homebound seniors.

Life Enrichment
Social interaction with volunteers delivering meals, or enjoying a meal with others at the Adult Community Center, provides positive community connections for many living alone.
Independent Living
Meals, and the personal check-in along with the meal deliveries, are essential in helping homebound seniors and residents with disabilities to continue healthy living in their own homes.
Compassionate Support
The majority of participants in a recent survey noted Meals on Wheels improved their nutrition and helped manage their health condition. Assistance for caregiver relief and pet companions is available, too.

Join Us to Support Our Seniors

Current Event
Current Event

Due to COVID 19 we do not have any activities scheduled. We’ll have our events going again as soon as possible. Please check back with us.