The 4th annual BINGO BLAST, BEER AND BRATS was held at the Lake Oswego Adult Community Center on Friday, September 20 to a sold out crowd. The event, which is a fundraiser for Lake Oswego Meals on Wheels is also a FUNraiser with a hearty meal of Zenner’s brats, homemade potato salad, sauerkraut and homemade cookies; accompanied by delicious wines from Baldwin’s Bottle Shop and DePonte Cellars as well as icy cold beer donated by Widmer Brewing.

Guests also receive BINGO cards with the modest ticket price of $35.00 and unlimited Polar Sodas (donated by New Season’s Market). Guests can also purchase bottles of wine to share at their tables.

The Bingo games begin right after most folks are finished with dinner. Many of the guests get together with friends or neighbors to share a table which can be reserved in advance for 8 people. The dinners are served by volunteers – this year we had a delightful team of 4 Starbuck’s employees from the Starbuck’s located at the New Season’s Market Place in Mountain Park, who were enthusiastic, energetic and efficient!

This event is run completely by volunteers which include all of  the LOMOW Advisory Board, ACC staff, ACC Chef Sara Schrader and her staff as well as many spouses and friends of board members who support the event with their many talents!

On top of the Bingo games and fabulous prizes from our many sponsors around Lake Oswego, there is also a terrific ‘Heads or Tails’ game, played with Mardi Gras beads which usually involves everyone in the room and also has fabulous prizes!

The proceeds from the Bingo event help support the meals on wheels program in Lake Oswego where 18,000 meals are delivered each year to our residents who are in need of nutritious meals delivered in order to remain independent and at home and residents who have a temporary need of delivered meals as a result of a medical procedure or disability.

We would like to thank everyone who attended our Bingo Blast, Beer and Brats event this year, our many enthusiastic sponsors in Lake Oswego and all of our volunteers. It is our mission to provide this event and many more events during the year to enhance public awareness of the meals on wheels program and provide funds to enable the program to continue.